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CISP Director A. Akhmetov participated in the informal GGE consultations as a part of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots delegation

On June 28th 2019 Alimzhan Akhmetov, Director of the Center for International Security and Policy, participated in the informal consultations of the Group of Governmental Experts (GGE) in Geneva on the issue of lethal autonomous  weapon systems (LAWS) as part of the  delegation of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots.

Over the course of consultations the states discussed a consolidated document drafted by the Chairman following the results of the first meeting of the GGE that had taken place on March 25-29th 2019 in Geneva.

The next informal consultations will be held on August 19th 2019 in Geneva. On August 20-21st 2019 the Group of Governmental Experts will convene for the second meeting to approve the final report on LAWS.

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